Next up is the Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.  I think this was one of two stops my wife was really looking forward to.  I had gone to the Eccentric Cafe for my bachelor party and I think she would have preferred that I’d gone to a strip club over going to Bell’s without her.  So we showed up at 11am, ordered a flight and had a seat at the bar.  While sitting there we found out that they offer free tours on Saturday mornings, so we signed up and got to see the Eccentric Café production facility, including the barrel collection (Kate loves barrels!)  The tour was ok, but our flight of beer was fantastic! 

We went a little stout heavy and it was glorious.

Spiced Stout
Trumpeter’s Stout
Special Double Cream Stout
Milk Stout
Smoked Stout
Cherry Stout

The inside of the café is incredible.  With a lot of African inspired art as well as some of the best stained glass I have ever seen. Before we left we had to pick something we would want to display in our home if we could take any of the art.  We both chose the stained glass, but second and third place were the mounted Seuss character and the eyeball with wings.

Also while sitting at the bar, we met one of the owners of
The Hungry Brain in Chicago, which happens to be one of our favorite neighborhood bars.  Great beer and an incredible atmosphere oh and it is dog friendly.

What is a trip to the Eccentric Café without a walk over to the Bell’s General Store.  We browsed all of the homebrew supplies dreamed a little bit but didn’t make any homebrew purchases however we left with our fair share of Bell’s paraphernalia.  

Being from Chicago, I am always shocked when I voyage out of the city and to one of the best breweries I have ever been to and beers are so inexpensive.  Birthday stop #3 definitely kept our party going.

Next up New Holland…